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August 15, 2014:  The very last By Request show is now available for download!  Check out HEAVY MONTREAL as the night kicked off with "Blackened" before rolling into "Master of Puppets" and "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)."  Your other choices for the show included "Ride The Lightning,"  "...And Justice For All," "Fade To Black, "Orion," and "Battery."  The set list wound down with "Creepiing Death," the vote of the day, "The Four Horsemen," and of course "Seek & Destroy."

Don't forget to check out the new song "Lords Of Summer" and receive the studio demo version free with every full By Request show download from South America, Europe and Montreal. 

The guys are off for a bit before they hit the studio in the Fall.  Thanks for visiting us on the road and for all your votes!