September 15, 2008

O2, London, GBR



1. That Was Just Your Life MP3 $0.99
2. The End of the Line MP3 $0.99
3. Kirk Solo #1
4. The Thing That Should Not Be MP3 $0.99
5. Of Wolf and Man MP3 $0.99
6. One MP3 $0.99
7. Broken, Beat & Scarred MP3 $0.99
8. Cyanide MP3 $0.99
9. Frantic MP3 $0.99
10. Until It Sleeps MP3 $0.99
11. Wherever I May Roam MP3 $0.99
12. For Whom The Bell Tolls MP3 $0.99
13. Kirk Solo #2
14. The Day That Never Comes MP3 $0.99
15. Master Of Puppets MP3 $0.99
16. Blackened MP3 $0.99
17. Stone Cold Crazy MP3 $0.99
18. Jump in the Fire MP3 $0.99
19. Seek and Destroy MP3 $0.99
Total Running Time: 2:00:53

Show Photos

8:50 PM O2, London, GBR
"The End Of The Line"

10:28 PM O2, London, GBR
"Stone Cold Crazy"


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  • This was the third performance of That Was Just Your Life, The End of the Line, and Broken, Beat & Scarred.

  • The last time Stone Cold Crazy was performed in the United Kingdom was on November 13, 1997 at the Ministry of Sound in London while promoting the release of ReLoad.

  • This was the first time in 24 years that Jump in the Fire was performed in London. The first and only time was on March 27, 1984 at the Marquee in London which was the band’s first show in the UK.

  • This was the first time that Of Wolf & Man was performed in the UK since July 10, 1999 in Milton Keynes.

  • The last time The Thing That Should Not Be was performed in the UK was on June 10, 2006 at the Download Festival in Donington.