June 23, 2012

Orion Music and More - Bader Field, Atlantic City, NJ



1. Hit The Lights MP3 $0.99
2. Master Of Puppets MP3 $0.99
3. The Four Horsemen MP3 $0.99
4. Sad But True MP3 $0.99
5. Bass Solo
6. Hell and Back MP3 $0.99
7. Ride The Lightning Album Intro
8. The Call of Ktulu MP3 $0.99
9. Creeping Death MP3 $0.99
10. Escape MP3 $0.99
11. Trapped Under Ice MP3 $0.99
12. Kirk Solo
13. Fade to Black MP3 $0.99
14. For Whom The Bell Tolls MP3 $0.99
15. Ride The Lightning MP3 $0.99
16. Fight Fire With Fire MP3 $0.99
17. Nothing Else Matters MP3 $0.99
18. Enter Sandman MP3 $0.99
19. Battery MP3 $0.99
20. One MP3 $0.99
21. Seek and Destroy MP3 $0.99
Total Running Time: 2:03:09

Show Photos


This was the 17th show that Metallica performed in 2012.
This was the first of two shows at Orion Music + More, which is a festival curated by Metallica themselves.
This was the first time that Metallica performed in Atlantic City, NJ.
This was the first time that Ride the Lightning was performed in its entirety.
This was the first time that "The Call of Ktulu" was performed in New Jersey.  This was the fourth performance of the song in the US over the last 10 years.
This was only the second time that "Creeping Death" was performed in 2012.
It took 28 years but the "song that we never wanted to play live" finally made the setlist.  "Escape" was debuted for the first time ever.
This was only the seventh time that "Trapped Under Ice" was performed in the US.
This was the first time that "Fade to Black" was played in 2012.
Metallica performed 18 songs off of five albums and one EP: Kill 'Em All (3), Ride the Lightning (8), Master of Puppets (2), The Black Album (3), ...And Justice for All (1), Beyond Magnetic (1)