March 20, 2014

Estadio Nacional, Lima, PER



1. Battery MP3 $0.99
2. Master Of Puppets MP3 $0.99
3. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) MP3 $0.99
4. Disposable Heroes MP3 $0.99
5. Kirk Solo #1
6. The Unforgiven MP3 $0.99
7. Lords Of Summer MP3 $0.99
8. And Justice for All MP3 $0.99
9. The Four Horsemen MP3 $0.99
10. Whiplash MP3 $0.99
11. Bass Solo
12. Orion MP3 $0.99
13. One MP3 $0.99
14. Ride The Lightning MP3 $0.99
15. Fight Fire With Fire MP3 $0.99
16. Kirk Solo #2
17. Fade to Black MP3 $0.99
18. Enter Sandman MP3 $0.99
19. Creeping Death MP3 $0.99
20. Hit The Lights MP3 $0.99
21. Seek and Destroy MP3 $0.99


22. Lords Of Summer (Garage Demo Version)
Total Running Time: 2:15:37

Show Photos

Estadio Nacional, Lima, Peru

Estadio Nacional, Lima, Peru

Estadio Nacional, Lima, Peru

Estadio Nacional, Lima, Peru


This was the second time that Metallica has performed in Lima, Peru.

Metallica first played Lima on January 19, 2010.

This was the third show of the "Metallica By Request" tour where each member of the audience had the opportunity to vote for the setlist before the show at

This was a bit of a unique setlist as "Sad But True," "Nothing Else Matters" and "For Whom the Bell Tolls" all were not voted in to the final set.

The following songs, in addition to the new song "Lords of Summer," were performed in Lima for the first time: "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)," "Disposable Heroes," "The Unforgiven," "...And Justice for All," "The Four Horsemen," "Whiplash," "Orion," "Ride the Lightning," "Fight Fire With Fire" and "Hit the Lights."

"Hit the Lights" was the "Vote of the Day" song in the setlist. The audience was asked to vote between "Lites," "All Nightmare Long" and "The Day That Never Comes" throughout the day.

Download the full show and receive the bonus track of "Lords Of Summer (Garage Demo Version)," recorded at Metallica HQ.